The Swiss Geberit sanitary instllation products have outstanding quality, service life and are easy to fit.

1. Geberit in-wall cisterns

Duofix                                                           Kombifix         

       The two in-wall toilet cisterns, Geberit Kombifix (for brick walls) and Geberit Duofix (with installation frame for drywall) are both highly appreciated. The Geberit items allow a better use of available space in the bathroom and a higher level of hygiene.


2. Geberit exposed cisterns

    The Geberit are made of high quality acrylic polymer which prevents inside deposit, condensation on the exterior and is corrosion resistant.

 The Geberit flushing cisterns can be connected to any typ of toilet seat, they refill quickly and quietly.

Product Type
Universal cistern Fontana white universal cistern
Cisterns for medium-level installation Rio TM whit medium-level cistern ABS 18,5 l
Montana Duo TM white, dual flush medium-level cistern
Close-coupled cistern Montana duo MB white, close-coupled dual flush cistern